hello! i'm sugarcubestars. you can call me cube if you want. welcome to my website! it's a work in progress, so please forgive any glaring mistakes you may come across. otherwise, I hope you enjoy your time in my funny little corner of the internet.
  • status: offline
  • last seen: sleeping, probably?

find me in other places!

  • neopets: reflectmoon
  • tumblr: spatialrend
  • twitter: sugarcubestars
  • instagram: sugarcubestars
  • inkblot: sugarcubestars

i also have accounts on deviantart, artfol, reddit, and twitch under sugarcubestars, but I don't use them much. if you see accounts under sugarcubestars anywhere other than what's listed here, that's (probably) not me!

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Site Updates

30/04/2022 - added guestbook, art/project pages. also fixed some spelling errors that i don't think anyone but me knew about.

29/04/2022 - site launched! some pages are still missing, but they're not really that important just yet.